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Controversial Military Game Hits Store Shelves

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Controversial Military Game Hits Store Shelves

By Selena Hernandez
NEW YORK (CBS) ― A new video game being released on Tuesday has already been met with some harsh criticism. The latest installment in the popular "Medal of Honor" franchise was originally going to let players to control Taliban fighters who kill American soldiers.

The title went on sale across the country at midnight on Tuesday, with various retailers staying open late to distribute the game to eager fans. But while the game's developers have made some modifications to the title's original concept, some people are not sure that it is enough.

At one GameStop store in Richardson, there were a few late night shoppers when the retailer opened up its doors at midnight. However, none were there to buy the new "Medal of Honor" game. According to the store manager, interested buyers would have received a voucher that can be redeemed for the game later when it arrived in-store on Tuesday.

The game's maker, Electronic Arts, came under fire when the premise was first unveiled. The game was to pit U.S. forces against the Taliban in Afghanistan, but would have allowed players to essentially play in the role of Taliban forces who shoot at American soldiers.

After this concept was met with controversy, EA announced a redone version which changed the name of the Taliban to 'Opposing Force,' or 'Op-For' for short. The company said that the name change was made out of respect for the soldiers currently serving overseas, the fallen U.S. soliders and their families. But will the in-game name change be enough for consumers? That remains to be seen.

Some military bases across the country have decided not to sell the game. Meanwhile, EA said that it plans to make several donations to military charities.

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