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Aug. 11 - Daily Soaps Update

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Aug. 11 - Daily Soaps Update

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Here are the daily soap opera summaries for "The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful," "As The World Turns," and "Guiding Light."


MJ sees Paul at the bar, still scorned from Nikki leaving. MJ wishes she could reach out to him but she can't in fear of being caught. Later, MJ arrives at church to confess her sins, not aware that her brother, Father Todd, is on the receiving end of the confession. Billy tries to plead with Jack that Ashley is not right and needs to be committed. Adam tries to convince Ashley that maybe Sabrina is not dead. Victor finds Ashley very shaken over a dream she had. Victor brings up that maybe Ashley should go on a little vacation. Ashley demands to know why Victor wants to send her away. Adam finds a shirt that he begins to rip apart. Zapato's memorial is held and is intercut with Mary Jane's confessional of how she hurt animals and people all around. Father Todd realizes he is talking to Patty but she is gone by the time he attempts to confront her. Victor is left alone to mourn for a moment and finds Nikki's necklace on the ground near where Zapato had been buried. Victor also gets the toxicology reports and realizes that Mary Jane is to blame. Billy and Jack arrive demanding to take Ashley. Adam confronts Ashley with the ripped cloth he had been making, along with some of his own blood on the cloth. Ashley interprets this as a piece of clothing from when she hit Sabrina.

Nina expresses her concern over Chance wanting to spend more time with Chloe. Chloe confronts Mac about being back together with Billy. Mac attempts to mend fences with Chloe when Chance shows up at the coffeehouse. Chloe notices that Gloria and Jeff are now working at the coffeehouse and they attempt to explain that it is only to give Kevin and Jana a day off. Jeff overhears Chloe and Mac talking about Billy and how Chloe believes once his affair with Mac gets out there his position at Newman will be in danger because of the stunt he already pulled at the Newman Board Meeting.


Paul is shocked to see that James is alive and realizes the empty clinic was all a set up, orchestrated by him. Paul has a series of flashes and remembers James going over the cliff. Paul would just leave, but returns to push James in his wheelchair, taking him to Fairwinds. Emily realizes that Paul has gotten his memory back. Paul wants to collect on the money he gave her, but Emily refuses to give it back to him, and walks out. Later, Paul lets Barbara and James get reacquainted in the Fairwinds Wine Cellar.

Henry is dumbfounded by the news that he's the son of James Stenbeck. Henry goes to Katie, who tries to console him. Audrey, meanwhile, tries to butter up Vienna to get Henry to come to his senses, connect with his roots, and try and cash in on his newfound heritage.

Tom wants Riley to leave. Margo almost reveals the truth to Tom about Riley, but doesn't. Margo merely points out that he has no idea how she feels.


Forrester Creations and Jackie M are both put in a difficult position due to Bill and Whip's scheme and are forced to agree to partake in a fashion challenge for charity. Brooke hopes that this challenge will make her queen in Ridge's kingdom again. They kiss but then get back to work. Eric and Stephanie debate on which fashion house will be named the winner of the challenge. Bill tries not to let his growing feelings for Katie get to him as he takes additional steps to assure that his and Whip's plan is successful. Later, Bill kisses Katie.


Rick compliments Olivia and hopes he's made progress flirting with her. Rick tries to flirt with Olivia by buying her a hotdog and he gets mustard all over his face. Olivia is feeling lonelier than ever and leaves a message for Natalia. Matt checks on Olivia to make sure she's okay. Rick thinks Olivia is off the market, but Matt disagrees. Olivia invites Josh into her room. Josh makes Olivia a drink and they start to kiss. Josh and Olivia start undressing each other when Olivia stops and says she shouldn't have brought him in, but she would like him to lie next to her.

Buzz is intrigued as Cyrus reads an entry from one of Jenna's journals. Buzz and Cyrus wonder where "Frog and Toe" is, the place Jenna started her adventure. Lillian explains to Buzz and Cyrus that "Frog and Toe" was a nickname for NYC. Buzz decides they're taking a trip to New York. Buzz and Cyrus excitedly plan their NYC trip. Frank won't let Buzz take the company van. Lillian reveals to Frank that Buzz needs to take this trip because of his love for Jenna and Coop. Lillian says she'll talk to Buzz for him. Cyrus and Buzz decide to take a bus to NYC. Lillian asks Buzz to come over so she can talk to him. Lillian explains to Buzz that Frank is worried about him but she thinks the trip is important for him. Frank joins Rick and Matt for a beer. Lillian reveals to Frank that she told Buzz he should go to New York. Rick creates a profile on a dating website.

Phillip is doing research on alternative approaches to healing when Lillian comes in and asks how he's feeling. Christina sees Phillip reading the books. Lillian explains to Phillip that she's a big
believer that people can find their own cures and says there's a woman who knows where to find miracle cures. Phillip goes to an herbal shop and opens up to the woman behind the counter about his illness. She thinks she knows people in Mexico who can help him. Phillip takes out a bottle of tincture and squeezes a few drops in his mouth just as Lizzie calls out to him. Phillip covers and says he picked something up for Alex and got some drops for his sore throat. Phillip talks to his gravestone and says he's going to Mexico to get healed and buy some time. Phillip asks Rick for advice on spiritual healers in Mexico for Alex. Phillip informs Lillian that he's going to take control of the life he has left. Lillian is worried about Phillip going to Mexico but Phillip is adamant about finding a cure to buy him more time.

James invites Daisy to go camping with him. Daisy finally relents and agrees. Frank sees Daisy hauling a sleeping bag and she says she's going camping with some friends. Rick wants to go camping with James until James clarifies he's going camping with a girl. James picks Daisy up for their trip. They arrive and walk off into the woods to find some wood for their fire. James and Daisy start roasting marshmallows. James admits he's having trouble with his dad. Daisy says she's having a good time and they start to kiss. James and Daisy look up at the stars, than keep kissing, on their way to making love.

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