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Aug. 12 - Daily Soaps Update

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Aug. 12 - Daily Soaps Update

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Here are the daily soap opera summaries for "The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful," "As The World Turns," and "Guiding Light."


Chloe and Billy discuss that Mac and Billy are back together and Chloe brings up a divorce. Chloe does not want Delia to have a childhood like she did so she surprisingly offers full custody to Billy who is in shock. Meanwhile, Chance reveals to Nina that he wishes something were going on between him and Chloe. Billy responds that Chloe needs to keep Delia and that things will work out even if they are not married. Chance tries to cheer Chloe up and asks her out on a date which she graciously accepts.

Neil is not happy when Lily mentions that she hopes Cane will come see her that evening. Tyra and Devon get into a fight when Devon reveals that Neil is bringing Lily over to play a game later on without asking Tyra first. Meanwhile at the campus house, Devon offends Tyra again saying that Karen would have been a better mother to Ana then she would. Tyra is crushed by this and begins to cry. Devon feels horrible and the two embrace and begin to kiss passionately. Neil and Roxanne are about to enter the campus house to visit when Neil gets a phone call that he must take. Roxanne walks into the house and catches Devon and Tyra having sex. Rosanna sneaks out before the duo knows she saw them. Cane comes to see Lily and the two discuss whether Cane will go back to Australia or not. Cane reassures Lily that he is going nowhere. Meanwhile, Phillip reveals to Mac that Cane can never go back to Australia and Mac is very curious to know why.

Mary Jane comes into the coffeehouse and Jeff sees dollar signs in the form of Victor's reward for the return of Mary Jane. Gloria and Jeff give Mary Jane food. Mary Jane claims to recognize Jeff but he makes sure to deter her from thinking they ever met. MJ explains to them about her abusive husband and Gloria offers for her to come stay with Jeff and herself in the penthouse. MJ agrees. Jeff and Gloria go get her more food then find MJ is gone when they get back. MJ arrives at Mac's bar just as Mac is trying to probe why Cane cannot go back to Australia. MJ informs Mac that she needs to hide because some people are after her. Mac hides MJ in the back room again.


For Janet's first day of taping Oakdale Now, Jack asks Teri to make a celebratory lunch. Jack, Brad, Kim, Craig and Teri congratulate Janet at Metro. Kim explains to Teri that her cooking is wonderful and that it's a pity she turned down the job to co-host Oakdale Now. Janet overhears that her job was offered to Teri first and she's hurt. Craig puts everything in perspective when he states aloud that he required Teri to turn down the job and remain Parker and Sage's babysitter. Janet feels less insecure knowing that she didn't get the job out of pity. Teri admires Craig for taking the blame.

At the hospital, Bob confronts Alison about Riley's overdose and they're both adamant the other person is to blame. Alison runs into Riley and he listens to her concerns about Bob. Riley encourages her to talk to someone about it. Alison explains to Kim that she's worried about Bob. Kim's livid with Alison. Kim yells at her and then collapses. Alison calls an ambulance and starts CPR. At the hospital Alison informs Casey that Kim's had a heart attack and she's been paging Bob but he hasn't responded. Riley then runs into disoriented Bob in Old Town, who doesn't know how to work his pager.


Bill surprises Katie with a romantic dinner. In return, Katie surprises Bill by being able to chip away at his emotional walls. Jarrett makes an objectionable, yet tempting, offer to the celebrity
judges of the fashion challenge. Jarrett bribes all three to vote for Jackie M. Nick becomes Bridget's cheerleader as she loses confidence in her designing talents. Meanwhile, Ridge feels the pressure of the future of Forrester Creations being put in the hands of his and Eric's designs.


Daisy and James wake up together in their sleeping bags. James suggests they go swimming in his pool that night. James drops Daisy off, and both smile when their backs are to each other. Billy warns James not to hurt Daisy. Daisy invites Rafe to James's pool. Marina thinks it might be weird for Daisy to hang out with Rafe and James, but Daisy says Rafe is her friend too. Rafe explains to James that he figured out he's with Daisy and is fine with it as long as she doesn't get hurt.

Shayne asks Bill if he knows where Dinah is. It hits Bill that Dinah was saying goodbye when he saw her last. Shayne says he doesn't know what he'd say to Dinah if he saw her again. Billy defends Dinah to Bill. Marina explains to Vanessa that she thinks Dinah is incredible because she found Henry. Shayne defends Dinah to everyone. Vanessa tries to explain to Shayne that Dinah probably didn't let him know because she was trying so hard to be the right kind of person. Vanessa says that something must have happened to make Dinah think she had to come clean. Shayne gives Vanessa his and Dinah's wedding rings to give to Dinah. Bill and Josh are stunned when Billy announces he's going to marry Vanessa. Josh hopes it'll be a good thing for the family. Billy assures Vanessa he's going to marry her but hasn't figured out how to ask her yet. Shayne offers to help Bill with the house because he can't just sit around and wait for his life to kick back in.

Josh and Olivia are still spooning when he gets a call from Reva. Josh assures Reva he'll be right over. Olivia thanks Josh for his company. Reva is freaked out by a problem with her kitchen sink and asks Josh to come help her. Josh fixes Reva's sink, then offers to keep her company but Reva declines. After Josh leaves, Reva says she needs someone, but it can't be Josh. Reva asks Olivia if she has heard from Jonathan because she wants to find him. Bill confides in Reva that he's been worried about her. Reva heads to the store and is distraught when she suddenly realizes she forgot Colin in the car. Reva arrives at the house and frantically grabs Colin, then rushes inside. Reva exclaims to Jeffrey that she can't do this without him. Josh looks at a picture of Shayne with Dinah at her wedding and then at a photo of him with Reva and Shayne. Reva is surrounded by photos of Jeffrey and Reva says she feels safe now that she feels him there with her.

Olivia explains to Rafe that she wants to find a way for them to deal with each other but Rafe says he's fine hurting her. Rafe admits to Marina how much he misses his mom. Doris overhears Marina say that Ashlee always feels like she's letting Doris down. Olivia, depressed, complains to Doris that she's unlovable. Doris reminds Olivia that their daughters love them, unconditionally. Josh comes to check on Olivia. Olivia appreciates what a good friend he is. Olivia calls Ava and assures Emma she misses her and hopes she's ready to come home.

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