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Aug 13 - Daily Soaps Update

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Aug 13 - Daily Soaps Update

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Here are the daily soap opera summaries for "The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful," "As The World Turns," and "Guiding Light."


Phyllis is relieved to hear that Nick isn't rushing off to save Sharon from her most recent crisis. Heather meets with Rafe regarding Sharon's case and she refuses to let Sharon off the hook. Paul enters and is immediately protective of his daughter, who admits that she is heartbroken. Heather and Paul support each other as they each go through their own version of heartache and betrayal. Meanwhile, Rafe admits to Adam that it was a big step admitting their relationship to Heather. Rafe offers to support him when he is ready.

Rafe meets with Sharon and Jack to inform them that Heather offered a deal. Sharon can commit herself voluntarily to a psychiatric facility and there will be no jail time. Meanwhile, Nick confesses to Phyllis that the ring Sharon stole was identical to the one he gave her. Phyllis realizes that Sharon's feelings for Nick are still very much alive. Later, Sharon calls Nick to meet her.

Paul meets with J.T. and explains to him that Patty may be in Genoa City. Meanwhile, Victor gets a call at home from Mary Jane. Mary Jane informs Victor that she needs a million dollars for her
silence but Victor promises to make her regret hurting his family. Later, Abby discovers Adam's spycam in the living room. Ashley calls J.T. to come search the house for more cameras and she catches him while he is working at the dive bar. Nearby, Mary Jane hides in the shadows from J.T. When he isn't looking she places a note in his pocket. Later, J.T. finds cameras in Ashley and Victor's bedroom and one in Adam's room that he planted. Ashley immediately assumes that Estella is to blame. As J.T. is leaving the house, Victor tells him that Mary Jane is somehow involved in all this but that he wants J.T. to stay out of it. J.T. finds the note in his pocket and it says to ask Victor about Mary Jane if he wants answers.


Riley walks disoriented Bob to the hospital where Tom, Margo and Casey are since Kim had a heart attack. Bob snaps back into it and assists Kim who finally stabilizes. Tom asks Riley to leave and due to the family crisis, Margo doesn't stand up for Riley. Alison explains to Bob that she was with Kim when she had her heart attack and that she blames herself. Bob forgives Alison. Alison discovers Kim has gone into shock and she summons Bob. Bob realizes Kim has overdosed and demands to know what doctors were treating Kim. Alison reminds him that he was the only one with Kim before she went into shock.

Damian, determined to move on with Meg, suggests they go on the business cruise he originally had to cancel due to Lily's meddling. Meg agrees. Damien then goes to Lily and informs her that he's committed to moving on with Meg, unless she can admit that she loves him. Lily insists she will never leave Holden and Damian returns to Meg. Later, Faith's suspicions about Lily and Damian's relationship appear to be quelled by the fact that Meg and Damian are making plans to go on a cruise.

In Kentucky, Holden's flagged down by a man on the side of the road. The man, dressed as a cop, jumps in the passenger seat and pulls a gun on Holden. The radio announces an escaped prisoner is on the loose and Holden surmises this guy is the man on the run, Bing Skaggs. Skaggs forces Holden to give up his clothes, wallet, watch and wedding band so no one recognize him. Skaggs orders Holden to drive him to get supplies and Holden, wary Skaggs will kill him once he's done everything he's asked of, tries to drive into a tree. Skaggs catches on and pulls the wheel sending both of them into a ravine.


Jarrett reminds Bill of what's at stake if he follows through with his deceptive plan. To start off the fashion show, the Logan sisters introduce Forrester Creations' new collection, "Royalty", and model the showstoppers. Jackie takes the stage to introduce the Jackie M "Indulge" collection. No longer able to withstand the guilt, Jarrett confesses Bill's plan to Katie. Katie confronts Bill.


Ed wants Alan's help to bring Phillip home so Ed can keep him alive as long as possible, but Alan says he can't help. Ed tries to reason with Alan, but Alan says that Phillip is acting self indulgent and Phillip doesn't care about anyone but himself. Alan admits to Phillip's grave that he has to push him out of his heart now or the pain will be too great when he dies. Alan pulls James into a fierce hug. James is caught off guard by Alan's raw sincerity. Alan explains to James that he wants him to be a great man and know that James will carry his legacy. Daisy gets a text from James and leaves Frank working alone. James suggests they get together for a swim that night. Later, James explains to Daisy he can't hang out with her because his granddad needs him.

Ashlee is transcribing Coop's manuscript while Blake is on the phone with the publisher. Blake promises a first draft in two weeks for an advance payment. Buzz wants to find out where Jenna lived while in NYC. Ashlee is happy to help the Coopers keep the restaurant with the money from the book. Blake gets a call from Cyrus and informs him that the book is incredible. Cyrus has a dream about Jenna and she advises him to try Tape #9 for guidance. Buzz and Cyrus arrive at the hotel that Jenna mentioned in Tape #9. Cyrus gets a call from Blake. Blake asks Cyrus to call her if he finds anything spectacular. Buzz looks around the room that Jenna stayed in. Cyrus finds numbers that could be the combination to a lock. They head off to check.

Marina plays Dinah's music box for Henry and admits to him she wishes he had a chance to get to know Dinah. Marina is shocked when she sees a motor home and Mallet announces they're going on a family vacation. Mallet is excited and thinks they need a trip, just the three of them. Marina doesn't think they can't go now because her family needs help with the restaurant. Mallet offers to help them. Christina overhears Mallet and thinks he is being wonderful to Marina, but Marina explains why he wanted the vacation. Christina can't believe Mallet thought Marina was the murderer. Remy tries to talk to Shayne, but Shayne just wants to start a fight. Shayne apologizes for his behavior. Remy warns Mallet that Shayne is heading for trouble. Later, Shayne picks a fight with one of the customers at a bar.

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